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From world-famous architectural landmarks to the many choices in theatre, shopping and museums, to the business of the Royal Family, this electrifying world capital never ceases to amaze, captivate or inspire all who visit. The gateway port to your London adventure is Dover, the shortest crossing point between Britain and the continent.

Buckingham Palace
This grand royal residence is over 360-feet long and contains some 600 rooms. Located in a 40-acre garden, it has been the monarchy's main home since King George III purchased it in the 18th century. The changing of the guard just before noon is one of the world's most famous displays.

Westminster Abbey
With its grand towers and superb archways, it's one of the most superb examples of Gothic architecture in the UK. The most important rituals still take place here. Most of England's rulers were crowned and lie buried here. And nearly every great figure in English history has left his or her mark here, from Shakespeare to Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria to Princess Diana.

Houses of Parliament
With over 1,000 rooms, the Gothic Revival-style House of Parliament is one of the world's largest and most elegant government buildings, and the clock tower at the eastern end houses the world's most famous timepiece, Big Ben.


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